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Company History

John Hyland formed Hyland Services, Inc. in 1992 to meet the growing demands of the communications industry. John grew up in the industry starting out with Baker Installations in Pittsburgh, PA. Throughout high school and college, he worked as an installer and a supervisor for Cable Express in Columbus, Ohio.

John graduated with a finance major in 1988. Using his knowledge and his experience, we have been able to anticipate the needs of the communications industry and grow accordingly.

Hyland Services has grown to become a general contractor for Ameritech, Media One, Harron Communications and Insight Communications. We have also bored main gas lines for Columbia Gas of Virginia and have done a host of directional boring jobs for other general contractors on 4" and 6" steel projects and various sizes of plastic conduit.

Hyland Services, along with its sister companies, now installs approximately one thousand miles of aerial and underground plant per year. The majority of our work is now being completed in Columbus, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have Union and non-Union employees. We are familiar with and have good relations with the various local and state agencies in VA, OH, MI and AR.

The lack of trained inspectors, operators and lineman is evident to anybody that tries to build communications plant. Hyland Services is now able to train these people quickly and professionally; our management team operates a training facility with the state of Michigan. We train six new lineman every fifty days.

Robert Taylor heads our management team; he is a previous Captian in the U.S. Army Rangers. He runs our company in the same disciplined manner that he learned in the service. He earned his degree from the Virginia Military Institute.

Richard Sandoval is in charge of our aerial operations and our training program. He retired from Ameritech after thirty years of service. He has trained over 350 lineman.

Phillip Young is our splicing manager and has been in the communications business for twenty years. He runs our splicing team, which completes their projects in a timely and professional manner.

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