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Riding at IAP

The group from IAP, Andrew (IT Director, 1990 Yamaha YZ125), Mark, (VP Marketing, 1976(?) Honda Elsinore) and Bill (VP Operations & Finance, 1974(?) Honda XL350) sometime in the Winter/Spring of 1999, these pictures were taken about 3 hours after we went down into the woods with snips, handsaws and chainsaws to make a little track to ride on. It turned out quite nice, too bad it's covered with a new, huge, 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse & offices

Coming up the hill That leads town to the trails, the IAP warehouse is in the background.

Climbing the steep hill leading from the river bed, it's hard to keep the front wheel on the ground here (note the blue flag marking the future construction at IAP).

The nice flat area at the top of the hill.

Going from the level area at the top of the hill toward the jump/hill that leads into the trails from above.