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John's 1987 KX80

Going to get the KX80! John's first motorcycle... (05-27-2001)

A picture of it prior to purchase. The bike is a 1987 KX80 Big Wheel

Another picture before we saw it in person. This KX80 has inverted front forks, they must be aftermarket or from a later model. If you want to try to identify them for me, take a look at these close up shots.

Loading the KX80 onto the trailer

John, happy to be bringing his very own motorcycle home. Now the work begins!

The 1987 Kawasaki KX80 Project

The KX80 with the rear wheel removed for maintenance, note the custom bike stand.

The rear wheel & hub with the bearing assembly still inside. The seal has been removed and you can see the rust on the bearing.

The parts, what's left of them, from the wheel axle & bearing assembly. The dust shields of both bearing broke off during removal. The circlip looks OK, just a bit rusty and the inner axle sleeve will need some work before being reinstalled. New seals should keep this from happening again for a while.

The inside of the wheel with everything removed. It sure looks like rust, but the hub is alloy... I hope a good cleaning will make it look like new in there.