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Shed Project, 05-15-2001

These are the first pictures of the shed with my new digital camera, a Kodak DC215. The colors are great, then again the lighting was better than usual too. The porch has been framed in and one deck board is resting in place. It is not cut or attached.

Same step different angle.

A closeup shot of the deck/porch framing.

I used preformed block as the footer and bolted the 2x6 boards to 4x4s resting in the footers. I believe they are 3/8-4" bolts.

For the joists I used joist hangers, see my earlier steps on the floor of the shed for my unique joist hanging technique. The side board is held on with nails into the end of the "header" board and the 'L' bracket pictured.

Here is another picture with the deck surface complete. Eventually there will be rails and two posts on the end to help support the overhang of the roof.