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Shed Project, 12-15-2000

Another picture of the backyard from the porch, no batterboards so it's harder to see the footings and perimeter of the shed.

The 4x4's are braced and attached to the blocks and the 2x8's are resting on a 2x4 at the right height to be mounted. A few notes about this.

Another picture of the 2x8's in place ready to be bolted down

And another...

Here are the holes drilled for the bolts to go through. They are recessed so the head of the bolt will be flush with the 2x8. Another note here... I misunderstood the instructions and I used bolts and drilled all the way through the 2 2x8's and the 4x4. This requires a 6-1/2" bolt. The instruction said to use a 4" lag screw (not bolt) so I was only supposed to drill the recessed hole and let the screw do the rest of the work. Oh well, I think this will hold together well enough. Perhaps I'll use screws on the other posts. It will certainly be easier.

This is pretty much the same picture with the bolts in place. They are not tightened yet, just holding up the 2x8's.

Another picture from the yard to give you a perspective of how the overall project is shaping up.